Yard management & Pre-delivery services

Volvo Group Logistics Services Pre-delivery services include a wide range of options, all of them tailor-made to suit your specific needs. The services stretch all the way from yard management to pre-delivery services.

Yard management
We take care of the stock-keeping of your vehicles to the extent you need. Your vehicles are stored in well-maintained, high-security areas and handled in accordance with the strictest quality demands. Our information system gives you full control of the stock and rapid shipment of each vehicle.

Pre-delivery services
Pre-delivery inspection (PDI) includes a range of tailor-made
services such as washing, de-waxing, product inspections and repair. Vehicle enhancement (VE) includes fitting of customer-specific equipment and accessories. General fitment includes adding of market-specific equipment and accessories. Maintenance includes regular maintenance to keep the vehicles in good shape for delivery if they are stored for a longer time.

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