Core values

Our core values are the promise to you

As part of the Volvo Group we share the corporate core values that have formed our company culture. The core values are integral parts of our business forming the basis for the services and day-to-day operations.

Quality for us means living up to and exceeding the customer's expectations. Safety in the logistics context means in the first place punctual delivery of undamaged products. But it also means safe and secure working conditions for the people handling your goods. Environmental care has been on our agenda since the 70-ies, so today's focus on emissions is not really surprising for us. Our goal is climate neutral road transports, which is not a dream but a fully realistic target.

Volvo Group Logistics Services is certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and  ISO 14001.

Read about
Volvo Logistics´ environmental work for 2010 at
Volvo Groups Sustainability Report

Information letter to customers about REACH:
REACH - European Union (EU) Regulation on Chemicals

For more information about our core values, please download the following pdf-files:

Quality, Safety and Environmental Care

ISO 9001 & 14001 Certificates