Core Values requirements on suppliers 2013

- Core suppliers* should have a third party certified quality management system according to ISO 9001 in accordance with matrix/table 1 below.
- Core suppliers* should have a third party certified environmental management system according to ISO 14001 in accordance with matrix/table 2 below.
- Compliance with the AB Volvo Corporate Social Responsibility Requirements.
- Mandatory participation in the annual supplier survey.

See matrix/table 1 with more information

Transport suppliers
- CO2  target implemented with action plan and follow up system

Minimum engine requirements for road transport according to matrix/table 2.
  • Road carriers should provide training in fuel efficient driving for the drivers that operate in Volvo Logistics traffic. (The follow up will include the number of drivers that have been educated in fuel efficient driving, both theoretical and practical training.)
  • Road Safety: Carriers involved in VLC’s transports shall follow national and international legal requirements concerning road safety. Follow up and continuous improvements shall be established for below focused areas: speed limits, use of seat belt, driving- and resting time regulations, drivers shall be sober and drug-free, Securing of loads, adherence to Dangerous goods / Hazardous material regulation.
  • The carriers must be able to present documentation describing how the prioritised areas above are monitored, followed up and communicated. The carrier is also advised to have a documented policy or plan for the focused road safety areas.

    Engine requirements
    See matrix/table 2 with more information

  • Environmental data reported yearly to the Clean Shipping Index, for all vessels transporting Volvo Logistic goods. (Requirement from 2010).

        Packaging suppliers and Logistics 
        Service Providers

  • Compliance with AB Volvo’s "black list" - Chemical substances which must not be used within the Volvo Group.
  • Compliance with AB Volvo’s "grey list" - Chemical substances whose use within the Volvo Group shall be limited.
  • Compliance with the EU legislation: Registration, Evaluation, Authorization and regulation of Chemicals (REACH) (EC) 1907/2006.
  • Compliance with the EU Directive 94/62/EC on packaging and packaging waste.
  • Compliance with the European regulation (94/62/EC) and ( 67/548/EC) concerning Heavy metals and  other noxious/dangerous substances in your products.

*Core suppliers are the suppliers that belong to the supplier base that represent 90% of the global Purchasing spend.