Supplier information

About Volvo Group Logistics Services
After more than 50 years within this industry we understand our customers’ needs and are capable of delivering logistics solutions that work smoothly in their day-to-day reality. We serve the global automotive industry with a range of specially developed logistics services across the entire supply chain.

Volvo Group Logistics Services is a part of Volvo Group Trucks Operations and we have approx. 5 000 employees on more than 60 locations world-wide. We serve Volvo and other global automotive companies with logistics services and solutions.

Our suppliers
We select competitive and innovative suppliers, who are ready to take part in developing future logistics solutions and securing continued growth. Through developing deeper relationships with a smaller number of key suppliers, both Volvo Group Logistics Services and its suppliers will benefit.

Interested to be a supplier?
If you are interested in participating in our selection process, please send a mail to Administration VLC Suppliers mailbox. The quality and the completeness of your mail will be a key element in our decision to involve you in the next steps of the selection process. Based on your mail, we will assess the potential for a future collaboration. In that case, you will receive a Request For Information.

Thank you in advance for your genuine interest in this opportunity and we look forward to receiving your mail.