Emission report

Emission facts instead of guesses

Thanks to the Logistic Emission Report, Volvo Construction Equipment now has objective facts according to which the right actions can be taken for reducing the environmental impact of the inbound material flow.

- For many years we have been at the forefront with regards to reducing emissions due to the usage of our machines, says Niklas Nillroth, Global Director Environmental Care & Safety at Volvo CE. But we wanted to move forward and take the lead also with regards to the environmental footprint resulting from transports to our factories. In order to focus on the most efficient actions, we needed to know the actual status. Thanks to the Logistic Emission Report we now have a clear picture with objective facts and figures.

The Emission Report for Volvo CE maps the inbound transport emissions for seven European factories. The project started in late 2010 and was carried out in 2011. Transportation data from domestic and global inbound flows to factories in France, Germany, Poland and Sweden were collected and analyzed.

- When making the report we calculate emissions from all transport modes, Susanna Hambeson, Environmental Manager at Volvo Group Logistics Services, says. We take into account that they may vary in different parts of the world according to engine and fuel standards. We measure quantities of goods and distances in transportation in order to get a result which can be broken down into greater detail in many ways.

The measured emissions are CO2, NOx, SOx and PM*). They can be weighed into Environmental Load Units (ELU) but can also be broken down to show emissions for individual flows or factories, annual emissions per kg goods etc. Volvo CE has focused on CO2 per kg goods and total yearly transportation emissions per factory. The next step is to analyze the result in detail and make plans for action in cooperation with Volvo Group Logistics Services.

- The report will influence our mix of transportation modes and the selection of transportation suppliers, says Michel Hardy, Commodity Director, Purchasing & Supply Management at Volvo CE,. It will also affect our sourcing strategy.

*) carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, sulphur oxides and particulate matter