Renault Trucks saves on empties


Simplified handling of empty packaging will reduce costs and unnecessary work at the axle factory in St Priest.

As of January 2012 forklift drivers load all empty packaging – V-EMB, special, one-way – on a dedicated trailer at the factory yard. There is no sorting, breakdown, bundling or waste removal. The trailer departs at scheduled times for the Volvo Logistics terminal in Lyon. Here the staff break down, sort and bundle the incoming material, preparing the bundles of special packaging. All administration is also handled here.

"This new system will save money and work and free up space for the client," explains Guillaume Noca, Local Account Manager, Volvo Logistics. "A lot of on-site operations have been eliminated, Renault Trucks doesn’t have to manage the transport of empties and will therefore reduce administration. The cost per packaging type is fixed, making it easier to forecast and budget costs. And since we take care of everything related to packaging, our clients can focus on their core business," says Guillaume Noca.

The axle factory is part of Volvo Group Trucks Operations and produces axles for Renault Trucks.